Spotty Light
28 Nov 2015 - 27 Dec 2015

The exhibition is inspired from the slipping of the light between blinks, and the observation of symbiosis of living creatures in the environment, from four perspectives, space, time, human behavior, and natural environment.

I went to the forest and realized that symbiosis of living creatures and co-existence of the natural elements in the environment are natural phenomena and are everywhere. When visiting the forest, I noticed that “spotty-light” is a fast combination of light and time. The lives under the spotty-light look like the beloved treasures at that moment. While staring at the spotty-light on the ground, I saw shadow coupling with the spotty-light. Different living creatures and opposite things co-exist in the same space, at the same time, under the same background, forming the harmony. Then I found that human being’s behavior also reflects the interactions of memories and physiological responses. My works try to present the scenes of “environmental symbiosis.” Blocks in my pictures convey independent derivative and miniaturized environments. Animals, plants and human beings peacefully share the same environment, surviving and thriving. The combination of environments and living creatures comes from my observations of natural surroundings, and the green spaces in microenvironments and macro environments, including water, air and sunlight, the elements give to lives.

When observing the ongoing events, I also care about how the next steps develop. Spotty-light exists like mirage, disappearing and regenerating in just a second. Life comes after another; existing originates from prior disappearing. The development of life is a graceful interaction of simplicity and complexity. Our memories are composed of the traces of our life and are generated from the simple mechanism. No matter what guides the life, the experiences and stories are progressively piled up as predicted. Memories form the stable current, not triggering any uneasy waves.