12 Sep 2015 - 11 Oct 2015


It is like a reconstructed world that goes out of order.

Sometimes I have past memories going blurry in my head, whereas there are also times that I wish I could catch the fleeting moments happening in my life. I try to keep the traces of what is gone by piling up materials as if I can better know the present by bidding an appropriate farewell to the past. It is in this process I find a way to store my body heat and keep going. Piling up repeatedly results in a transformation that could showcase itself in a luxurious way and creates a whole new system in no time. It could as well be another way to communicate with the outside world.

This reconstructed world is full of joy. Something however goes the other way around, forcing me to face my desire deep inside my heart. It is in this tug-of-war that body heat stands out and triggers new reaction. It is like you are stuck and can’t make a decision while shopping, but that makes you feel like living the moment, isn’t it? You probably end up losing control and buy extra stuffs. You have a sense of regret but will soon find your energy and desire back after matching them with what you already have at home.

I had a group exhibition with my artist friend Hsu Yi-Tsu at the Freedom Men Arts Apartment in Taichung in 2014. We were invited to create a scenario inspired by traveling experience. We had neighboring rooms and went back and forth in our own room, trying to incorporate our unique sensual touches to the space. Everything we used in our rooms told our stories and therefore had a chance to shine. At that very moment, I felt like coexisting with the space and my body harmonized with it seamlessly.

We had totally different styles. She chose many old objects to show her affection whereas I let a variety of plastic materials grow in the room, simulating a short circuit where excessive currents travel along an unintended path.

For my show this time, I take a step back and have new breakthroughs. I dive deep and maximize all kinds of indescribable feelings in this era of information explosion. If we want, we could still own the consciousness of our body at some particular moments. We can even take it to the next level, transforming into something more diversified.