CHEN Shiau-Peng / WU Song-Ming
Beyond Printmaking: A form of Life Status
29 Dec 2012 - 27 Jan 2013


Most of my friends seemed a bit surprised when they heard that I was going to have a show with Song-Ming Wu. “Why not?” I asked. They had similar answers: both Song-Ming and I make woodcuts. However, that is the fun part of it, yet a bit ironic that we did not consider when organizing this two person show. In fact, we thought we were not just “making a print” together.

Song-Ming and I don’t really see each other often. We meet one another once a couple of months. (This is pretty much the “standard” frequency Song-Ming sees other friends too, I guess.) We often meet in each other’s exhibitions or studios. Our conversations would always be around our works, but we don’t really talk about theory stuff. We often talked about our working status in studios and the travel experiences that have changed or shaped our works, especially the artist residency experiences in different countries.

I found it interesting to discuss art with someone with a different age and growing background. I also noticed that certain works made by Song-Ming and mine revealed similar yet different feelings: Song-Ming’s works are composed of lines from multiple perspectives. The world is viewed through a window. My works have a strong plane character. Images showcase an aerial view from a single perspective. The topics and contents of our works are often derived from our experiences in doing art works at studios and in traveling.

Both Song-Ming and I love making prints. However, we were not trying to express anything relevant to printmaking in this exhibition. The works shown in the exhibition are works we created in our daily life. They appeared naturally, just like breathing is a natural thing that we do without thinking. We gave this two-person show a title called “Beyond Printmaking” in response to people’s reactions that we admitted that it was a bit unusual for us to curate a show together.