LIN Yi-Lung / WEN Meng-Yu / WU Yu-Jou / YEN Chin / YU Ya-Lan
Beyond Printmaking II – The Start of Good Things
27 Apr 2013 - 26 May 2013


The generation of point, line and surface is discussed through various types of print such as etching, wood carving, and stone carving. Though they are the basic component elements for any shapes, different print method can generate different looks and expressions. For example, etching can easily produce tiny black spots while it takes more efforts to make big and white spots.

Most of the authors participating in the exhibition are young print creators who study in the institute or will graduate soon. The school time maybe the purest period for one to completely be dedicated into creation and many artists’creations are attributed to the nutrient absorbed in this period. Just like the attempt and exploration of the formation of point, line and surface, there may be numerous conflicts and confusions at the progress from beginning to mature, but these are the original of beautiful things.