28 Feb 2015 - 5 Apr 2015


We subconsciously use third person perspective to evaluate or analyze unexpected events that are simply unexplainable, such as love. Like a recurring event in the daily lives, the look on the surface for each event looks homogeneous until you magnify to realize each event is always with trivial yet significant variance; which we cannot say this experience is just like the other one. This is similar to falling in love or establishing a relationship. When you becoming a part of a unity, each gentle touch can trigger deeper emotion and gentleness.

It always is a challenge as an outsider to analyze such unspoken feeling of ‘in love’, unless he/she plays part of it.

The intuitive emotions from this relationship make love vulnerably inseparable. When you are in one, you are constantly immersed in deep feelings of joy and happiness as if the world didn’t matter. This is a tough invisible boundary that protects the feelings and joy until love ceases. This is a line that outsider cannot touch nor breakthrough nor cross.