Daydream And The Beyond
18 Feb 2017 - 19 Mar 2017


“Daydream” in “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard, restores the sense of fantasy. This is the representation of imaginative activity, and it leads us to another world. Most of the time, we tend to appear incapable while dealing with the real world. However, it is only when being immersed in an artistic creation that one can embrace fantasy, and further take control of the world one perceives.

Therefore, a house is an especially suitable site for daydreaming. Sitting under a lamp, through imagination and experience, we are able to travel back to the road or the scenery of our past. In my opinion, painting is the most straightforward and comfortable way to represent this scenery. In this exhibition, apart from displaying the scenery in my imagination, I try to decorate the paintings with the image of “house”. The painting itself and the decoration stimulate viewers’ imagination of the whole, enabling the viewers to come back and forth between conscious mind and the real world. This contradictory existence of the abstract and the concrete is both the daydream and the space beyond.

My work displays mostly marginal, bleak and desolate scenery. The shattered scenery combined with gray architecture portrays inner monologue. On the other hand, the image of house appears settled and spotless, but in fact involves imperfection such as a table without tabletop, a lamp which seems not properly used and the disintegrating tiles……