Flowing Serenity
15 Nov 2014 - 28 Dec 2014


I consider every piece of art to be its own journey, a process and record of searching for tranquility. I use a simple, pure layout to express my inner spiritual world. I often make use of natural scenery and objects to represent myself, investing an admiration and longing for nature. Arrangement of images conveys the genuine experience of conversing, interacting, and being intimate with nature in everyday life.

We are surrounded by a living and breathing scenery. I always wanted the opportunity to express my ideal scenes of beauty, but fell short of perfection. My moods would shift and the scenery would change, always out of my grasp. Nevertheless, I attempted to create and refine a permanent value within the ever-changing present. Artistic depiction of nature expresses the dialogue and interaction between object and self, image and the spirit, thus attempting to capture the eternity completed in a moment.

The scenery I paint and present on the canvas is the result of intentionally perceiving nature and internalizing the experience. The world of the painting is not a mere depiction but rather a reconstruction of the artist’s conception, a dreamlike space and setting. Over the last few years, I have unintentionally been simply recreating the world as I see it. I hope to make a greater degree of emotion, as well as nameless internal feelings, a part of my art. We should always strive to explore the unknown and unfamiliar, or express our vague indefinite feelings in a poetic way.

I find mist particularly interesting and inspiring of the imagination. It gives the scenery a poetic feeling, or a spiritual influence, as if thinly veiling vast mysteries. Its obscurity seems to imply the existence of something unknown. I find it enchanting, becoming lost within. I enjoy representing this dense, floating atmosphere in my art.

I have always created scenic art at a leisurely pace while investing it with personal emotion. It is like an extremely ordinary assignment that is part of my daily life, as well as a way to deal with thoughts and feelings. While I paint, my mind is preoccupied with all kinds of thoughts that are resolved by the time I finish. Wandering or taking a stroll can also help to clear the mind and lift spirit.

I do not speak to the scenery, but it has much to teach me. In the natural world, flowers bloom and fade just as everything must undergo phases and cycles. Everything that is born must die, and the world remains impermanent. I strongly feel that what I have learned from nature has been a great support throughout life, nourishing the spirit and helping me grow.

I have never ceased to explore nature and continue learning about myself. For me, nature is a wonderful teacher who always has something new to share. Its variations and transformations are rich and infinite, too great to be fully witnessed. The never-ending exploration of nature has become a fixed part of my art and daily routine, as I gradually progress through life.