Forest of My Heart
18 Aug 2012 - 16 Sep 2012


For thousands of year forest has been a place for men to alienate one’s self from the complications of the social world. As one enters the forest and surround to the unfamiliar nature, one is detached from the social world’s rules and value. In the realm of forest, I confronted my own emotion closely, I felt my own existence bond together with the nature, as we both growing old together and weathered by the cruelty of time. But at the same time, I also felt the sense of loneliness, when I realized I carry all of feelings all by myself and left out of this world.

When I left the forest, I am lost in another forest. A forest weaved by the complications of social world that make people and daily aspects become obscure and stray away from their original meaning and feeling, as if they turn into a strange forest where I confront my deepest emotions. In this state, the definition of forest and social world are neither determined by its location nor materiality but by the state of my emotions that affect my relationship with the world. As I am standing in between the social world and my sentimental forest, battling the social value I once knew and the uncontrollable feeling of I have. The world becomes too difficult for me to define myself relation with the world. I try to portray my uncertainty and indescribable feelings through paintings, using blur brush storks with layers of paints trying to capture the essence of the world that links closely to my deepest emotions.