Geo-philosophical Mining
12 Mar 2016 - 10 Apr 2016


Geo-philosophical Mining is a term coined by the artist to refer to a real existence of history from the past til today. The coined term is not tended to indicate a certain geographical location but a mining and discovering towards the creative context of the artist through certain subjects

The view of Guanyin Mountain from Tamsui has always been a favorite subject for many landscape painting artists in Taiwan. This historical fact has also formed interesting parallel comparisons among those works alike. Through different traces of paintings from different artists, the view of Guanyin Mountain has been kept in various ways and thus the Mountain has somehow played an important role in the art history of Taiwan. Until today, the Mountain is still there as usual; even though, as a subject, it is not that favored as before, Guanyin Mountain still can connect those dots through time and space.

Beginning from Sketching From Hill Road til today, Hsieh’s recent works has focused on mountain painting. The series of works examine how alternative painting methods can be related to the context of traditional ones and what is the nature of painting? This work adopts many similar works and subjects from other artists in the past; it creates an interwoven image through space and time and reshapes the context among these works so that the scattered fragmentations of paintings have been re-mapped and the view should not be that far away.