I Was Counting Sheep All Nights
3 Nov 2012 - 2 Dec 2012


My neighbors go to bed early. Every day after 9 pm, the place becomes very quiet. This environment can make me calm down and think about a lot of things. Perhaps this is one of the causes of my insomnia, while I usually don’t go to bed until the dawn is coming.

For me, the whole night is a long time, and it almost becomes the time subject of my daily life, and the feeling of counting sheep is like knocking wooden fish, counting one by one. While hoping to quickly fall asleep, I suddenly notice the wall clock. Why the tick of the second hand sometimes loud and sometimes quiet. And I begin to think of other things.

The solo exhibition is mainly to show those tiny thoughts in life, and different themes include different situations. Most of them came from the observation and imagination of living environment, the content includes some elements of opera, or even dream-like imagination. Humorous feeling represents a part of my creative elements as well.