NANRI Tomoko
seed balls’ small war
29 Sep 2012 - 28 Oct 2012


I heard that there is a method of farming. We can put seeds of vegetable and fruit or seeds of protophyte into the clay and spread them everywhere to the ground. At the beginning, the clay will protect seeds, so seeds will not be easily eaten by animals. After the rain made the clay melts, seeds would start to radicate and sprout…

I think we can care for some of things attentively also, and can spread those things just like we spread seeds. The things we spread everywhere would grow by themselves, even though, each of them can live in the different environment.

Recently my daily life in Taiwan, I am used to keep moving to one place to the others. And I especially pay attention to plants where they ramble around people’s life, like in streets, balconies, vacant lands where in the middle of buildings or apartments…etc. Every different place expands to every different mode of life and relation to their environment, and I think they looks very comfortable, healthy and independently growing. I found this is also similar to the life form of every people I have met in Taiwan. I want to get into the plant world deeply, but at the same time, I also want to stay in the human’s temperate world.