Slow and Unrestrained
16 Aug 2014 - 14 Sep 2014


The way of reality and emotion interact one another like two joining gear wheels that vary in sizes, while routing in different velocity. For reality seems to steer the way or lives in an unremitting fashion, yet at the same time it permits outside world’s influences to invade our inner world. In this state, we are swallowed by a parallel universe, a vast sentimental void, where emotions are plants set on courses powered by our endless accumulated feelings. For the force of emotion flows outward, manipulating our perception of the world, while translated it in other means to reflect our deepest feelings. Such means may seem inexplicit, yet embodies one’s unrestrained emotions that flooded our world. From this, I turn to painting hoping to express my uncertainty and indescribable feelings toward these two universes. From the thick pigments and blurry brushstrokes comes my attempt to reveal as well as conceal my most intimate feelings.