Snesk Of The Mist
5 Feb 2014 - 9 Mar 2014


The appearance of a place is stacked with traces of societies and humans. I wander along the shores of Taiwan as an observer. Through the image records, the fragments are gathered and formed as referent of coordinates. An imagined space, also a déjà vu about places, exists within those landscapes and feelings which I have experienced.

The conversion from heterogeneous spaces to imagination of others on spiritual level, the distant faint light and the black suffuses at the bottom are perhaps summoning a moment which no longer exists. The expansion of memories and imaginations blur and change quietly during the journey. The chaos and fracture of the sense of time blend and create an inexistent “real landscape”. This faded out landscape belongs to “in-situ” and cannot be reproduced. A circulated journey of memory starts again and becomes another possibility of the real.

In this series of works, I used black, white and gray colors to detach the subjective view from the original colors. I minimized the noise and simplified the object. Through the whole atmosphere, the water vapor between the gaps of layers, along the clumps of grass, slowly flows in whole the painting. The water vapor sometimes flows clearly and sometimes flows obscurely. It creates a misty atmosphere, along with light spread out, guides us the road ahead.