The Core
19 Aug 2017 - 17 Sep 2017


“The value of presence correlates with the distance of the hearts.”

Since the most important element had been obtained, the only thing left is practice.

As an artist, I have been narrating my work and daily life. The overlapping of artistic creation and living is my dream and reality.

Space and lines have always been the theme and the way I chose to express my work. Black, white and grey are the most used colors in my paintings. The representation seemed to discuss the space, in fact, what I would like to convey was something between spaces and beyond. I would like to share with the audience on how I interpreted the boundless freedom, my confusion, hesitation as well as the immense gratitude that I experienced during painting.

In recent years, I started to use pencils and charcoals as mediums which gave extra touches and textures in addition to acrylic paints. These two mediums provided different qualities and temperatures to my work and led to my further exploring of the relationships of mediums, their distinct touches and interwoven texture of linen canvas.

The artistic creation is the core of my life. The core of artwork is its content that derived from thoughts. It always takes time for me to refine my thoughts.

The brain is like a blank canvas. The thoughts dip into our brains underlie our lives and emotions. I am grateful to my artistic creation and the support from God for their keeping me company through frustrations over and over, leading me to a genuine and bright path.