The First Expression
8 Sep 2018 - 7 Oct 2018


The First Expression

When life and creation become difficult, I need a lot of empty time to let myself stop and get rest. I hope to return myself to the original state before starting to create. I often think that there are many questions in life that have no answers, but because of curiosity, I will continue to explore. “Who am I?” and “Why do I feel so happy when I hear a few trash talk accidentally?” A problem like this.

Compared with the drawing method of using acrylic paint in 2007~2015, I was continually trying to make my paintings very flat. After several years of adjustment and conversion, I like to use more textures to express the emotional dynamics of the characters in the picture. This process of creative conversion began to change from learning the ceramics three years ago.

In the process of making ceramics, it is necessary to change the thinking mode from the plane vision to the tactile creation. It is often necessary to rely on the willpower to make the work close to the shape that you want. This process is very burning for me. When you see the work burnt out, you need to look at it immediately. Since there is not much such creative experience in the past, this has made my painting style begin to have more conversions.

So from 2016, in the process of painting, I began to make constant selection, covering, retaining, re-covering, and then retaining… and slowly modeling the most complete picture in my mind. This way of creation sometimes makes me fall into a short-term anxiety, but sometimes it makes me feel really free to paint, because in the end, I always meet the moment when the work is completed. “Scramble” is a work that I painted from 2016 to 2017.

In this exhibition, I still paying attention to many subtle emotional reactions in life. Because they are too small and trivial to say. Over time, they have become a kind of self-talk. This is the theme I have always liked. Maybe someone just knows how it feels like. “Good Dog” is about a dog in a coffee shop. He looked at outside the window, and he was silent, but the dog would not speak. These emotions became from the human his or herself.

“Broken Ass” is formed by bursting during the firing process. It is an accidental work. Although it is expected that every piece of ceramic art can be perfectly baked, it is sometimes inspired by the “burned” works. These unpredictable results have surprised me. It is really ridiculous to me. Emotional conflicts like this may also appear in everyone’s daily life. Sometimes we inspired by these “wrong” things.

The mobile communication APP makes it easier for friends to communicate with each other. It is so convenient that even we use the facial expression muscles of your face to transmit the inner emoticons, which is a modern life skill. “The First expression”­- This piece of work, draws the “(no) expressions” like the layers, let them stack a most positive, frontal expression, and the feeling of the front face is overwhelmed It seems to be saying, “Who brought me to the front?” Trying to visualize the process of expression. Art as a kind of emotional healing, with the “The First expression”­ as the theme of this solo exhibition, expecting to arouse the daily life experience of the viewer, and use humor to resolve the troubles and sorrows in life.