Their Rooms, Their Dreams
22 Mar 2014 - 20 Apr 2014


It is a visiting project based on the idea of prying into others’ private spaces ( house/ room).

I chose the city “London” in England as the appointed place where I had studied and lived for years. There are 30 participants based on different ages from different living districts and countries who have various jobs. By ways of distributing leaflets and sending random emails, the artist was invited to enter others’ private spaces (houses/rooms). Through the record of observation, photographs, and interviews, I chose painting as the medium to convey my ideas.

“ For our house is our corner of the world. As has often been said, it is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the word. “- Gaston Bachelard, The poetics of Space (注1)

As the room becomes the final stop of a whole day, it carries the habit of relying and one’s own privacy to make people safe and cured. The structure of the room (living patterns /interior design), objects (belongings / furnitures) and decorations (the way of display) has showed people’s tastes, favors, identities, cultural backgrounds and religions. For me, those places/rooms are not only the living places but also the backgrounds of their own stories and the reasons of descriptions. Also, it is a site for floating thoughts, dreams and ideas.

The room may symbolize one’s inner mind and prove the traces of living. On the other hand, for most of people, it is more like a room for a long-term traveler. Comparing to the paintings before, instead of focusing on the memories and appearance of my own spaces, I changed the object into “the others”. The artist was invited to walk into others’ houses, listen to those descriptions of the past stories and sceneries, and observe the randomness of life. Through the language of painting to tell the invisible atmosphere and feeling, the specific spaces had been changed into soft and emotional daydreaming site.

(注1) Gaston Bachelard, (1969), The Poetics of Space, Beacon Press, Boston U.S.A