WANG Liang-Yin / LU Hao-Yuan / TSAI Yi-Ting
About You, Me and Him
1 Jun 2013 - 30 Jun 2013


Birds fly to tall trees from deep valleys with chirps, sending the message to seek for like-minded friends. In June, 2013, GAI ART invited three artists to commonly desribe a painting story about their friendship and collective situation. They were acquainted with each other due to their passion for art in the school days and since then deep friendship was developed among them. Under their separate creation, they realized the transformation of vocabulary and extension of art concept, starting the dialogical relationship of staggered contexts between works and inspiring the creation energy during their communication.

Wang, Liang-Yin’s creation angle gradually switches to the description of people around and observes the delicate feelings in life, expressing the demand, occupation, healing and perception produced in the interactive fusion of people, dessert and scenarios. Tsai, Yi-Ting, who lives in the seaside of Nanliao, Hsinchu, gazes and captures the precious leisure moments of the wowen in the windbreaks in the afternoon. With the shading sfumato of Gouache paints, the warmth and deep concern of human nature are delivered.

The green plants painted by Lu, Hao-Yuan are permeated with the youth vigorous vitality in tranquility. Through simply and natural objects in the flowing lines and bright colors, the works are added with distinctive style.