LI Cheng-Hsun
Extravagantly spend our glory .
2 Jun 2012 - 24 Jun 2012


My creative process, always use a considerable number of paper tape and paste on the canvas, and then flat paint, removal of the tape repeatedly continue this process in such a process, I consumed countless volumestape. For artistic creation from the end of exposure, such behavior is nothing more than a “waste.” How to explain the behavior of such “waste”?
Like “smoke“ this thing, do not smoker will not always understand why people will be smoking? How to understand the things we have never experienced? For me, smoking, and the creation is a movement of body and soul, is a process, is a psychological satisfaction with their own practice. For me, smoking can indeed relieve my tension, and creation is a practice in the creative process through the continuous labor of the body, repeatedly paste the tape with the color, the dismantling of those living in the process of this emotions are released and get a sense of calm.
The waste in process is well ; In order to achieve the results the creation of waste, is to the works born , is the most important . Not the unbridled abuse of resources, but in the process of completion of the work necessary to consume the bloom and beauty of the works, is relatively more important thing. Continue, in order to more beautiful. Paint and tape in this exhibition, I will exhibit paintings from 2010 to 2012, 2012 new account for most of the past few years in the creative change can be seen from consumption in the creative process I will also be on display together in this exhibition, the creation will continue. Extravagantly spend our glory .