3 Feb 2018 - 4 Mar 2018


We can learn from Gaston Bachelard that matter has its own obedience and aggression. It is not inert. The attempt to uncover the essence within, to manifest energy and dynamics, to craft brand new images – such an activity points to a certain transcendence; it demonstrates the distinction of agency and dynamics between imaginary material and actual material.

How It Shall Be Awakened!

Through creative extensions between lines and surfaces, through amorphous structures and the quality achieved by handcraft, this work seeks to re-examine perceptual relations between bodies, objects and environmental spaces.

The iron slate records the process of movement, while the spring accumulates forces. Collisions between the body and material, between the active and the passive, between the giving and the entangling – these are slowly interpreted through the traces. Pausing, one looks beyond the actions, beyond the pushing and pulling, the knocking, the compressing, the hoisting, the absorbing, the amassing, the lifting; beyond the interaction of substances – in search of a result; in search of relations between motion and stillness, in search of a points where forces are compressed or released. They invite us to enter their own borders, where they counteract each other, condensed, while distance is in the meantime measured to and fro; and force, sometimes locked, sometimes dissipated yet circumambient, maintains the overall balance.

Between Activity and Passivity.