Some thing
20 Jul 2019 - 30 Aug 2019


As the industrial technique develops, the existence of “transparence” is one of the key points that fulfills the independence of “paintings.” While paintings are designed to depict subjects or objects (concrete, abstract, or maybe concepts), it isn’t impossible for the paintings to become the ones depicted. At the same time, while paintings become an independent existence, it becomes a way of presenting reality. More unpredictable matters and concepts can be sculptured, constructing a view that might be opposite from what we call “reality.”
For the artist, utilizing paintings as a transformation is a slow process. Since it is slow, it enables the artist himself to observe the subtle differences of the surroundings and the “something” that can be perceived in paintings. This exhibition combines subtle observations and reflections the artist has gained in the past two years. Through this exhibition which is on display in a space unlike any other before, we hope that viewers can slowly and relaxedly enjoy this cozy work that once doesn’t exist but exists.