6 May 2017 - 4 Jun 2017


Daily objects are produced massively by machines because of the needs of human beings. Thousands of perfectly duplicated objects are distributed over the country in a short period of time and become one of the common language in our daily life. Gradually, these languages became the norm and also the most intimate memories between the past and the future.

Images in everyday life, including garbage bags, umbrella and gloves, imply that everyone shares the same nature. Our needs are no different than others, and at the same time we try to be different from others through numberless decisions. As the pace of development in the modern society speeds up, procedures are required to be simpler and faster. In today’s highly competitive world, human has forgotten the fact that they need to cooperate with others in order to survive. In this changing environment, most of the objects cannot make people impressed but daily objects.

In this solo exhibition, “Unwilling to fade away”, I want to express my observation towards the society and the world, and search for the peace that was lost because of people are accustomed to living. The images constructed by painting reproduce the light and color in daily life. I think the images being selected and created are linkages between society and people, past and future, such as “RGBW”, “Blue and white”. The visions in everyday life engrave deeply in the memory of everyone and transform to shared experiences among the others. Even if we are far from our home, we can still ease our homesickness via these shared experiences. Time will not fade away because of the changes of individuals or society. We sense the existence of time in our living. On the contrary, the objects in daily life show the history of humans. They do not exist at the very beginning, but are created and chosen to make to be eternal.